We are proud to announce that from 2016 Fone Free Feb will be run by Batyr to highlight the importance of disconnecting from our phones so we can reconnect with each other and have the conversations that really matter.

This campaign is focused on taking back together time and we are calling on individuals across Australia to host Fone Free events for their family, friends and colleagues, who make a donation for a seat at the table.

By hosting, attending or donating to a Fone Free Feb event you will empower Batyr to train more young people to speak about their personal experiences with mental ill health and encourage school & university students across the country to reach out for support when they need it.

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What Does FFF Support?

Batyr is a social enterprise that provides preventative education and trains young people to speak about their personal experiences with mental ill health. Through building their confidence and capacity, they are then able to start 'the difficult' conversations in their own communities.

Utilising these young speakers Batyr runs programs in schools and universities, and engages, educates and empowers other young people to reach out to the great mental health services around them.

Through Fone Free Feb, Batyr encourages all Australians to put down their phone and ‘take back together time.’ It’s about disconnecting from their phones in order to truly connect with each other and have powerful conversations that matter.

All money raised through the campaign will enable Batyr to train young Australians to share their story of mental ill health and deliver engaging mental health education programs in schools across the country.

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