The 2015 campaign is focused on Taking Back Dinnertime and we are calling on individuals across Australia to host Fone Free dinners for their family, friends and colleagues, who make a donation for a seat at the table. Each dinner will raise money to help make a specific charity dream come true.

Ambassadors, individuals, schools, businesses and organisations can also get involved. Shoot us a line via the contact form to find out more.

We look forward to working with you on taking back dinnertime in 2015.

About Us

Fone Free Feb provides time for us to stop and reflect.

2014 was our first campaign, when we asked people to temporarily disconnect from their phones to experience what it was like to be bored, to fuel their imaginations and to create new ideas. 

In 2015 once again we want to inspire people to reflect on how they use technology and reclaim the space in their lives to connect with each other face-to-face. We want to take back dinnertime.

During the month of February in 2015 we are simply asking people to get back to basics for a great cause and host a Fone Free dinner for family, friends or colleagues.

The funds raised at dinners around the nation will go towards making 10 Australian charity dreams come true.

The Fone Free Feb Team

The CEO Jack Manning Bancroft and a couple of friends, Drew Higgins and Deb Kirby-Parsons, founded Fone Free Feb in 2014.

The Fone Free Feb Board of Directors includes Duncan Peppercorn, Head of Consulting at Social Ventures Australia; Ben Richardson, General Manager, Nickelodeon Australia; Matt Cameron-Smith, Managing Director, Trafalgar.


Contact Us

Hi Darling, I'm Deb and I will be answering all your questions about Fone Free Feb.

Please remember to take a peek at our FAQs and if you can't find answers to your questions there, complete the form below and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.